Auto Insurance in Leominster, MA

Many people choose to go with “cheap car insurance” or the minimum coverage required by law. They figure the low bill they pay will save them money. But by choosing car insurance by the lowest price alone, they are risking even higher costs when an accident happens. Costs after an accident start to add up and can cause drivers financial ruin. We will find the coverage that covers you with the costs you can afford.

Some of the costs that can quickly add up include:

  • Property damage
  • Immediate emergency medical transport
  • ER treatment
  • Loss of wages
  • Long-term therapy and skilled nursing care
  • Court-ordered awards for pain and suffering

Could an accident cost more than $20,000 in medical bills? More than $5,000 in property damage? It sure can. Protect your financial future by getting adequate car insurance. We will find the right combination of discounts, coverage and more to create the right policy for you.

Car Insurance Discounts for Leominster Drivers

You know there are discounts for car insurance, but did you know all carriers are not equal? While some offer safe driver discounts, other car insurance carriers do not. Some car insurance carriers may offer Leominster drivers discounts on low mileage driving or being a homeowner, but others will not. Working with an independent insurance such as Choice Insurance Group gives you the power to take advantage of all the car insurance discounts you qualify for.

Car insurance discounts will vary from carrier to carrier. Here are some of the options that might be available to you and your family:

We’re committed to Leominster. So much that we have our office in Leominster. This provides quick and easy access for Leominster and the surrounding communities. For individuals and businesses not able to come into our office, we are always available by phone. Trained insurance specialists answer all calls to get you started on your auto insurance quote. Not only will you be talking directly to an experienced and knowledgeable insurance specialist, you will have access to many different car insurance carriers. We will make sure you get the right car insurance that provides both value and coverage.