Business Insurance and Commercial Insurance in Lunenburg, Worcester County, MA

The business insurance your Lunenburg business needs will probably change over time. Your company may grow to offer new services, buy new equipment, or just need to update for the times. Luckily for Lunenburg businesses, Choice Insurance Group stays up to date on all federal laws, regulations and changes. We also know about any new threats to your company. Do you have cyber security insurance to protect your company secrets and customers’ financial information? What about the newest changes in vehicle liability insurance? These are the types of tailored and personal experience an independent agency like Choice Insurance Group offers to its Lunenburg business customers.

Commercial Insurance to Protect the ‘Overlooked’ Assets for your Lunenburg Business

Very few things are worse to hear than your insurance carrier saying, “we’re sorry, that’s not covered” or “we’re denying your claim”. But this is what can happen if your business insurance was not written or tailored for your Lunenburg business. And, you need to have the right business insurance carrier with the customer service and financial backing for secure protection.

  • Inventory and Equipment – Your inventory and equipment are the assets that let you produce the products that make your company unique and successful. But without these, you would not be able to produce your goods, fulfill your obligations to your customers or cover your expenses including A/P and payroll. The state-of-the-art technology you use needs to be covered as well as raw goods.
  • Business Interruption – When your business experiences an interruption, cash flow can come to a halt. A fire in the building means you need to replace all your inventory as well as move. Mold has been discovered in the office and now you need to rent additional space. Anything can stop your business, and often you don’t have control over these situations. Protect your payroll and ability to cover expenses with business interruption as part of your business insurance.
  • Cyber Security – Everything is run by technology and communication. Your financial statements, order processing and customer management. So when your IT is taken over, contaminated, or otherwise compromised, what is going to happen? What about when someone breaks your firewall and steals your customers’ credit card information?
  • Commercial Vehicle – from sales calls to deliveries, meetings to events, your employees encounter many different hazards on the road every day. And anything left in the car is subject to theft. You may not think you need commercial vehicle insurance, but we can make sure it is part of your overall business insurance package.

Commercial Insurance in Lunenburg

Business insurance in Lunenburg is important. Ask us about the many options we can tailor to your needs.