Contractors Business Insurance

Contractor’s Insurance – Business Coverage for Contractor’s Needs

Building Coverage that Provides Peace of Mind and Protects Your Assets. You handle the project. We’ll handle the protection.

Material deliveries, work scheduling, accounting, and deadlines: contractors have more than enough to worry about. Whether or not they are adequately covered to tackle a particular project should never be a concern. You make the decision for your business and Choice Insurance Group will provide the contractor’s insurance to protect everything else.

Choice Insurance Group specializes in providing Contractor’s Insurance for a multitude of needs, whether it is a one-man project or an expansive commercial endeavor spanning several years requiring multiple contractors. This tailored policy writing provides the value and coverage you are looking for.


Laying a Strong Foundation with Quality Contractor’s Insurance

Choice Insurance Group delivers the essentials…and more

Every building starts with a strong foundation. The same can be said about insurance policies. What comes next is the tailoring to protect what makes your business unique. When it comes to contractors insurance, Choice Insurance Group has done the heavy lifting, putting the pieces in place to ensure you can do business as usual, no matter what the project may require. When considering the coverage you’ll need, we lay a strong foundation that covers all the necessary bases, including:

  • Liability
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Bonds
  • Disability
  • Trucks / Commercial Vehicles

Miss one of these crucial areas and you place your business, your reputation, and your future success in jeopardy. Your business comes to a halt and now you risk your assets, employees, and future. The professionals at Choice Insurance Group can show you coverage that allows you to bid without concern on any job.

Tailored Contractor’s Insurance for Your Specific Business

Contractors Insurance can provide protection during the job as well as after the work is completed with coverage features that address many areas, including

  • Protection for your business buildings, landscaping, and equipment
  • Completed operations coverage, which offers protection against property damage and bodily injury claims resulting after the completion of a project
  • Mobile equipment, tools, property, and materials in transit
  • Materials on site
  • Computer equipment you use in your business operations

Prepare for Tomorrow’s Job Today – Contractor’s Insurance to Secure the Bid and the Trust of Your Customers

Choice Insurance Group has everything you need.

By securing coverage today, you eliminate the last-minute rush and scramble of getting the insurance you need to win the bid. PLUS, you’ll be able to incorporate the costs of your coverage in your bid. You get the coverage you need while protecting your profit. Simply contact us today and be ready for tomorrow’s bid.

Whatever the need, whatever the risk; the professionals at Choice Insurance Group have you covered.